Lost Arts LLC

Osola Institute

Our mission is to channel the energy of our students in a way that prepares them for life and career, and at the same time enhances our global society. 

Our philosophies begin with the concept of "Dwelling".  How we dwell in our environment is our main focus and inspiration.  We are commited to finding new and innovative ideas to enhance how we dwell in this universe, on our planet, in our community, in our houses, and in our own bodies.  We have a strong affinity for sharing with, and enhancing the youth of our world, who in our minds, are the most respected creative minds of our incredible existence. 

Our ultimate goal: we are working towards the construction of a website that facilitates communication between student and professional.  Creative curriculum structure will be catered to each specific professional feild.  Students will be matched with professionals from fields that they show aptitude for.  Our hope is that, as this grows, incentives will be created for corporations beyond the obvious benefit of constant, unlimited student-generated ideas in the feilds.  Students will benefit hugely in that it will allow them to experiment in different fields, contribute to the finding of new cures, new innovations, and teach them fundementals of research and analysis.  Helping students find their element is paramount. This is beneficial for everyone, and will create an infinite medium for the acceleration of our society. 

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