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The Narrative House

Narrative House

While it is true that a good architect can mean the difference between a mediocre project and a great one, we strongly believe that the act of creating a house is a unique, collaborative effort that, by its very nature, brings homeowner, architect, contractor and craftsman together in a special relationship, the quality of which will inform the outcome of the entire residential project.

The success of any house project is in direct proportion to the amount of trust established among all of these team members, as well as in proportion to their free exchange of ideas and their recognition of a common goal.        
A successfully realized house is never the work of a lone contributor. Rather, it is a loose, informal and highly collaborative way of working, one that balances the collective energy of the shared ideas of all the participants with the contributions of individual initiatives. It’s neither the competitive environment of the individual struggling to dominate, nor the building by consensus. Rather, it is the interaction and overlay of individual ideas within the context of shared beliefs, goals and mutual respect. It is individual expression within a communal context, for without the opportunity for individual input there would not be the possibility of discovery and evolution within a project.