Lost Arts LLC


Lost Arts has been a design-oriented architectural office since its inception in 1997.  We strive to create exciting built environments both locally and globally, whether the project is a new home, commercial space, a remodel or addition to an existing residence.

As key members of the design team it is first and foremost our clients who drive our solutions; it is our clients' needs, desires and dreams that inform the development of our design vision.

Through our ability to listen, we are able to recognize the most important facets of our clients' design requirements.  And while we understand what makes an environment functional and comfortable we also know how to create beautiful spaces and find unexpected solutions for buildings that integrate beautifully with their environment. 

We give meticulous attention to the "evidence" (client wishes/requirements, environment/site, culture and context) of a design situation, in an effort to blend pragmatic and poetic elements in our work.

Ultimately, we are committed to finding meaningful, provocative and functional solutions unique to client, place and idea, within established budgets and schedules.